Our terrain visualisation services is accurate and realistic, providing fully configured 3D site models to order, and also providing a wide range of output options, including still, animation, solid rapid-prototyped models, and realtime 3D viewers. The output can be used for a range of applications, most of which are detailed in our FAQ section.


Please see below for more information about each area of interest, and feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements in more depth or to get a quote on same.


3D terrain modelling

Using a range of dedicated GIS (Geographic information Systems) and 3D modelling software, we can create accurate 3D models of a client's site. Where data exists for the area in question, it can be used, but also modified to reflect predicted changes due to development, geological changes etc.


A combination of Satellite and Aerial photography are draped on the resultant model, and the finished product is detailed to include 3D models of buildings and other structures, as well as foliage.


Still Image Output

Images can be created from the 3D model, at a range of resolutions suitable for all applications, from web to printed output. These can be provided to the client by ftp or digital media (CD/DVD) as required.



As with still image output, animations of the site model can be delivered in a format suitable for a range of applications, including web access, broadcast, domestic DVD playback etc


We are experienced in animating a range of features in the 3D model, not just the camera, so if your requirements are for time-lapse foliage growth, changes in land use over time, changes in lighting, there is a very good chance we can accomodate your needs.


Solid Models

By converting a client's site data into a format suitable for rapid prototyping, we can provide solid models (either textured or untextured) which are suitable as boardroom/foyer centrepieces, or as a suitable tool to exhibit planned changes to a site.


Realtime Viewers

We can offer output is a number of realtime 3D formats which allow the client to navigate their own way around a scene without having to install special software, or be limited by a single camera path (as with animated output).


Formats supported include Natureview (3D Nature's proprietary format), Virtual Terrain Project (using their freely distributable Enviro viewer), and Google Earth.