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23rd June 2011 - 2700 Xfrog Plants now available for individual purchase! Greenworks (the makers of Xfrog) are now providing all ther existing Xfrog Plant species, formerly only available in packs, for individual purchase. To read more, please click here.


20th May 2011 - PixelGlow website goes live, along with a Facebook page for same.


17th March 2011 - A new logo for the company, and a new portfolio of photographic services soon to be offered under the name "PixelGlow". Watch the website for updates!


1st October 2009 - Xfrog Inc release Oceania Plant packs 1-3! As an Australasian reseller of Xfrog products, these are now available through Gecko Visualisation Services. For more information on the plant packs, which are suitable for use in a wide range of 3rd party 3D software (as well as xfrog itself), please see here.


26th January 2009 - Happy Australia Day to all our Australian clients!


8th January 2009 - Gecko Visualisation Services celebrates it's first year of operation in the Asia-Pacific region. Many thanks to the clients who have supported us so far, and a Happy and prosperous 2009 to all!


26th August 2008 - 3D Nature announce the release of Visual Nature Studio 3. More information can be found here.


1st - 6th June 2008 - ZPE Downunder is held at Cedar Creek Falls Retreat. The event is a great success.


28th January 2008 - ZPE Downunder 2008 announced! Following the success of previous ZPE training events in the UK and mainland Europe, Gecko Visualisation Services is now organising a similar event in Australia to service the Asia-Pacific region. Please visit our ZPE Downunder page for more information.


28th January 2008 - The new website goes online. Hopefully easy to use, and fast to load, it provides a first point of call on the web for potential and existing clients. We have tried to test it with most browsers, but if you encounter errors or difficulties using your particular web-browsing solution, please let us know.


8th January 2008 - Gecko Visualisation Services is incorporated in Australia in order to provide high-quality visualisation, consultancy and training services to the public and private sectors.