We can convert data formats so as to provide clients with workable data for use in their own software. This includes the reformatting of existing data, or the output of modelled data in a format that can be used.


Data converted in this way has previously been used for previsualisation in one of the Harry Potter films (terrain data), and as the basis of modelled data for use in a television advertising campaign for the GMC Denali (IGES nurbs-> Maya polygons).


We support a range of input and output formats, including (but not exclusively):


- 3D polygonal object formats (3DS, LWO etc)

- 3D nurbs surfaces (eg: IGES, Rhino 3D etc)

- Terrain model formats (eg: DEM, NTF, SRTM etc)

- Geographical vector formats (eg: DXF, DWG, Shapefile etc)

- Geographical image formats (eg: ECW, GeoTIFF etc)


Please contact us and we will be happy to discuss whether or not we can service your requirements.